St Raphael’s Governing Board

The Governing Board of St Raphael’s meet as a whole 3 times each academic year, once each term. The delegated committee’s of the GB also meet each term. Details of the Governing Board’s Members, their Responsibilities and Meeting Dates can be found here;

GB Committee Blocks 2022-2023

ST RAPHAELS Terms of Reference


Governing Board Report;

St Raphael’s Catholic Annual governance statement 2021-2022

GB Responsibilities and Pecuniary Interests can be found below;

St Raphael’ Publication of GB Details Register of Interests 2021-2022


The Chair of Governors is Mrs C. Bardsley, she can be contacted through school on 0161 338 4095.

All member of St Raphael’s Governing Board have voting rights in full GB meetings and in Committee Meetings for those committee on which they serve.

A copy of the Governor Visit form for members of the GB can be accessed here.