Attendance is important at St Raphael’s, we have a team who monitor pupils attendance closely liaising with parents and other agencies when attendance is lower than 92%. We also reward those who maintain 100% attendance throughout the year.

Government School Attendance.


Good attendance is essential for all children so that they make their expected progress. The government expects the level of school attendance for all primary aged pupils to be no lower than 95%. For your information the following is a useful guide:

100%  =       Excellent attendance

95%.  =        Good attendance

90%   =        4 weeks over the year       =        ½ day absence every week

85%   =        6 weeks over the year

80%   =        8 weeks over the year       =        1 day absence every week

75%   =        10 weeks over the year

70%   =        12 weeks over the year      =        1½ days absence every week

We are aware that children may have specific illnesses that prevent them from attending school which can bring attendance levels down. Holidays and leave of absence authorised or not also have a detrimental affect on your child’s education.


Arriving late for school has a detrimental influence as children can miss initial learning opportunities. Lateness can lead to a poor habit that can carry on in High School where they will miss a key social time at the start of day. To put this into context 10 minutes late every day is the equivalent of missing 6 full days in a year, while 30 minutes late every day is the equivalent of missing 4 full weeks in a year. In saying this we do realise that there are occasions where events occur that are out of parents control (weather/ late buses etc.) and we ask that you do leave enough time to make the journey.


  • We have tried to keep as close to the All Saints and Tameside calendars as possible.
  • September and May are key assessment times for all children; absences at these times will be particularly disruptive.
  • Please make every effort to arrange your family holidays during the school holidays, term time holidays  lead to unauthorised absences and potential fines from the LA.
  • If your child is not in school please telephone before 9.30am to notify school of the absence and the reason for the absence.
  • As part of our attendance policy we will contact parents/guardians of any child not in school where no contact has been made.
  • Absences will be classed as unauthorised unless notified otherwise.