Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs L. Lakner  Headteacher / Lead Safeguarding Officer

Mr D. Matthews  Deputy Headteacher / Year 6 Teacher / Safeguarding Officer 

Mrs S. Murphy  Year 2 Teacher (Maternity Leave)

Mrs J. Lee  Year 4 Teacher (Maternity Leave)

Mrs C. Fletcher  School Business Manager


Foundation Stage

Mrs S. McLeod  Nursery Teacher / PSHE & RSE Lead

Mrs C. Shields  Reception Teacher / EYFS Lead

Miss L. Wilson  Reception Teacher 

Mrs C. Melville-Terry  Teaching Assistant Reception

Mrs Z. Wells  Teaching Assistant Nursery


Key Stage 1

Mrs K. Neale  Year 1 Teacher / SENCO

Mrs S. Murphy  Year 2 Teacher (Maternity Leave)

Miss L. Smith  Year 2 (Maternity Cover)

Mrs L. Blay  Teaching Assistant Year 1

Mrs J Stevenson  Teaching Assistant Year 2


Key Stage 2

Miss C. Taylor  Year 3 Teacher

Mrs J. Lee Year  4 Teacher (Maternity Leave)

Miss A. Sellers (Maternity Cover)

Miss G. Pollitt  Year 5 Teacher

Mr D. Matthews  Year 6 Teacher / Deputy Headteacher

Miss G. Unsworth  Teaching Assistant Year 3

Mrs K. Stoddard  Teaching Assistant  Year 3 / Year 5

Mrs M. Rankin  Teaching Assistant  Year 4

Miss L. Gavin  Teaching Assistant Year 6


Support Staff

Miss G. Southworth  School Support Assistant / Inclusion Manager / Safeguarding Officer

Mrs C. Tortoishell  Teaching Assistant SEN / Nurture

Miss A. Sellers  Support Teacher 

Mrs C. Fletcher  School Business Manager

Mrs K. Kempster  Administration Assistant

Mrs S. Slater  Administration Assistant 

Mr G. Page  Caretaker

Mrs L. Jones  Cleaner

Miss G. Schofield  Cleaner

Mrs T. Norton  Welfare Assistant / Cleaner 

Mrs M. Rigby  Welfare Assistant

Mrs S. Thorp  Cook

Mrs L. Jones  Assistant Cook


School Pastoral Care

Father Philip Atkinson  Parish Priest

Deacon Antony Zidan

In addition to the above, school utilises specialist teachers for certain areas of the Curriculum.