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SchoolMoney – Online Payment Facility

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The SchoolMoney payment portal was launched in January 2018 at St Raphael’s Catholic Primary School. From September 2018 the school has been a cashless environment.

Messages from SchoolMoney will come to your primary contact. You will receive messages to join SchoolMoney and make payments. These messages will be sent to your primary contact, this will be same on contact that the school text messages (Teachers2Parents) are sent to.

When you join SchoolMoney please make sure you select the parent login page. You will then be asked to confirm the following;

Mobile Number – this will be the number to which you receive messages from school.
Email – notifications and receipts will be send to this email address.
Password – you will be sent this on the SchoolMoney text message and then set your own on first use.
Child’s Name – your child’s first name only.

Please ensure you keep a record of your login details safe so that you have them for future use/reference.

Once you are using the system you will only receive requests/reminders for payments from SchoolMoney when you have a live payment on the system.

As a parent you can log-in at anytime to view your payment history.

If you do not internet access or a debit card you can obtain a PayPoint voucher from the School Office to enable you to pay at any PayPoint shop.

If you do have a debit card but don’t have internet access you can pay at the school office.

We are unable to collect payment for school meals using SchoolMoney at present as this is still under the management of Tameside Council. Payments for school meals can be made online.

If you have any questions or are having problems in using the service please contact the school office.

Furthermore if you change your mobile number or email address please contact the school office to ensure we have the correct contact details for you.

We have also included some user guides to support you in using SchoolMoney;

Parent Guide

Hints and Tips for Parents