School Policies & Guidance

There are many policies in operation in our school environment at St Raphael’s. This list is not exhaustive but covers those which are most relevant to the school community.We will add to the policies and Guidance published as required.

Curriculum Policies can be found on the Curriculum Page here.

Teaching and Learning Policies can be found on this page.


Accessibility Plan

Anti Bullying Policy

Asthma Policy

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Policy

Charging & Remissions Policy

St Raphael Child Protection Policy

Complaints Procedure

DFE Guidance for Parents on Cyber Bullying

DFE Guidance Working Together to Safeguard Children March 2015

Equality Scheme

Equal Opportunities Policy

Equality Information

E-Safety Policy St Raphael’s

E Safety – Online Safety Advice December 2015

EYFS Policy

Guidance – Literacy Homework KS2

Homework Policy – Updated Nov.2013

How old does your child have to be to use Social Media

Lead Learner Policy

Managing Medicines in School Policy

St Raphael’s Administering Medicines Form

Marking Policy

Mobile Phones In School

Packed Lunch Policy

Presentation Policy

PSHE Policy 2017

Pupil Premium Policy St Raphael’s

Safeguarding Statement 2014

SEND Policy St Raphael’s January 2018

Spiritual and Moral Development Policy

SRE Policy St Raphael’s 2014

St Raphael’s Catholic Primary School Food Policy

Target Setting Policy

Teaching & Learning Policy

Teaching Values Policy 2014

Toileting Policy

TMBC Appraisal Policy 010915

Unreasonable Complaints Policy

St Raphael’s Volunteer Policy 2018

Worship Policy 2013