Re Curriculum

Our RE curriculum

At St Raphael’s we follow ‘The Way the truth, the life’ scheme for our RE curriculum

Please find the overview and syllabus for each year below:

Nursery Syllabus Year 1 Syllabus   Year 3 Syllabus  Year 5 Syllabus
 Reception Syllabus Year 2 Syllabus  Year 4 Syllabus  Year 6 Syllabus


You can view our RE Policy here.

The Way the Truth and the Life Overview KS2

Prayer and Liturgy 

An important part of each day  as a Catholic school is to gather, reflect and connect with God.

Our Prayer and Liturgy sessions are a valuable part of this process where children and staff take time to reflect of the weeks Gospel and find ways to implement what we have learnt and reflected upon throughout that week.

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Ten Ten is a leading provider of faith-based resources for Catholic primary schools, click here to see our whole school overview. 

Here is an Overview of assemblies which Mrs Lakner delivers each Monday to KS2 and Tuesday to KS1.