Summer Term Blog 2014-2015

Week Commencing 20th July 2015

Mr Johnson’s End of Year Letter

As our children leave school this summer,

We pray that you will keep them in your care.

Send your Spirit to open their minds

to all that is true and beautiful and good.

Help them to see the gifts and talents

you have given them and to use them well.

Help them to use their knowledge learnt wisely.

Help them to be kind to others

and for others be kind to them.

Give their friends & siblings patience and understanding

and help them to be just and true.

Send your angels to guide and guard our children

and to keep them from all harm.

Open their young heart to your presence

and enfold them in your peace and protection.

Hold them in the palm of your hand and, at holiday’s end, bring them back to their school safely, wherever that may be.


Week Commencing 13th July 2015

Year 6 Leavers!

Week Commencing 6th July 2015

Year 5

Fun at Rock and River!

Year 5 and 6 pupils had a great time at Rock and River Adventure Centre near Ormskirk.

They took part in a variety of activities including archery, rifle shooting, kayaking and the amazing leap of faith. The children challenged themselves and many were amazed at how they could overcome their fears. The children had a brilliant time.

Week Commencing 6th July 2015

Year 2, Gymnastics and Healthy Food!

Tuesday 7th July

As part of the Summer of Sports project in school, children in year 2 went to Ken Ward Centre to take part in a gymnastics session. There were various activities to try out including a tricky warm up followed by work on the rings, bar and balance beam. The children also got to experience the foam pit…this was the best bit!

Thursday 9th July

This week has been Healthy School’s week, and all classes have been cooking! Year 2 have been making Blueberry Muffins. The children have found out that blueberries are a super food and are packed full of antioxidants which make them a really healthy fruit and alternative snack. Some children were set the task of following the recipe themselves…a tricky task when you have to work out the units of measure on the equipment! They all worked really hard and as you can see the muffins turned out brilliantly!


Week Commencing 29th June 2015

School Office

We can’t believe that there is only a month left until the end of this school year! What a busy term it has been we had the OFSTED visit just before the Holidays and the RE Inspection this week, its always nice to welcome new people to St Raphael’s and show them our school.

This week we made plans for the annual Summer Starts Here Day where we have day of fun filled activities with the children as an end of year celebration… better find the disco lights now! We also confirmed our Year 6 leavers day where year 6 spend a last day at the end of their time in primary school having fun with all their classmates, they will also get an opportunity to make some great memories when they travel to Rock & River in a few weeks time. We also met our new nursery and reception children this week when they came to visit school with their parents, it was lovely to see how excited they all were about joining St Raphael’s.

As we approach the end of the year we have some requests and reminders as follows;

- Make sure you know about everything that is happening in school by checking the calendar on the website.

- Please make sure any outstanding trip, dinner, club and wraparound care monies are paid by the end of the last full week in school. Any outstanding monies at this time will be forwarded to TMBC or carried over to the new academic year to be paid or followed up by TMBC.

- School ties (traditional and elastic) along with book and PE Bags can be purchased from the school office. These will be available in the last two weeks of term each day at the office. Please note these will not be sold on the first week back into school.

- School Meals in September will start new on day 1 therefore if you are planning on changing this is the best time to do so after this day the standard two weeks notice is required.

- After School Clubs will start again W/C 7th September 2015 – a letter will come home in the first week.

- Nursery Wraparound will not start until W/C 7th September 2015, please make sure you have completed a registration form with the office before you child has their place confirmed.

- In the first week back we will be asking you to complete contact forms for each child in school, please return these as soon as possible to ensure we have the correct details for every child in school.

We will be busy finalising this academic year and getting everything ready for next year over the next few weeks but wish you all a very happy holiday and look forward to seeing you all in September. As usual please check the website for any information, term dates etc. you might want to know over the summer!


Week Commencing 22th June 2015

Year 1 have been very busy learning about Victorian Toys. The children have thoroughly enjoyed this topic!

To learn more about Victorian Toys we went to Portland Basin Museum where the Toy Master told us lots of interesting facts about Victorian Toys and Victorian life, all the children decided they were glad they were not born during Victorian times as young children often had to go to work before and after school and only rich children could afford to buy toys from the Toy Master!

Poor children had to make their own toys, the boys made footballs out of socks and the girls made dolls from pegs.

After our trip to Portland Basin we designed and made our own Victorian toys and  we all brought in our favourite toy so we could then compare old toys to new toys.

Victorian Coffee Afternoon

The children invited their Parents and Grandparents in for a Victorian Coffee Afternoon, this was an opportunity for the children to share all their learning with their relatives. The afternoon was a huge success and enjoyed by all!


Week Commencing 18th May 2015

Year 3, First Holy Communion

On Saturday May 16th many of the Children from Year 3 made their First Holy Communion at St Peter’s Church Stalybridge. This is a very special time in our school and community calendar and was a day celebrated by not only the children and their immediate families but our whole school family –including the Year 3 children who weren’t making the sacrament who joined the service in church to support their friends. We also welcomed two children from the Parish who joined us for this special day.

The sacramental programme commenced earlier this year in January with the Enrolment Mass. The children then made their First Forgiveness in March and the culmination of their journey on Saturday was in receiving their First Holy Communion. They have each been supported by a Prayer Sponsor from the Parish who has guided them on this journey and we hosted an afternoon tea party in school which all Year 3 and their Prayer Sponsors attended. After the service the children enjoyed a breakfast made by ladies of the Parish in the Parish Hall with their friends. Our thanks are extended to Father Phillip, the Children and their Families, our School Staff, the Prayer Sponsors and all those who have supported the Year 3 Children on this special day.

Year 3 – FHC Group Picture


Week Commencing 18th May 2015

Nursery, Stockley Farm

On May 8th we went on a fabulous trip to Stockley Farm, we got on the bus with all our friends, teachers and parent helpers. Florence wanted Benny to come too and she did an excellent job of looking after him!

When we got to Stockley  Farm the children enjoyed lots fun activities:

We met the animals in the big shed. This pig wants to make friends with Isaac!

We met some animals in Pets’ corner that we could stroke and hold.

The baby lambs were very hungry; Freya and Bobby are having a turn at bottle feeding.

We jumped on the tractor for a ride around the farm, we had fun singing the tractor song!

Morgan helped to groom the ponies.

We had lots of fun bouncing around in the soft play area.

We had a wonderful day at the farm and the children behaved beautifully!

Well done Nursery and Reception!

Week Commencing 11th May 2015

Year 4, A busy term so far…

Already this half term we have been on a trip to Parkbridge Heritage Centre.  It was great fun and we had a fun filled day immersing ourselves in nature.  We went there on a joint trip with Year 2.  Everyone spent half the morning river dipping and half the morning on a mini-beast hunt.

In the afternoon we all got together for a Wild Art challenge.  We designed our own creatures using only things around us from nature, making sure that we only used fallen branches etc so that we didn’t destroy anything. Our work will continue in school and at home as we are compiling a ‘Habitats’ folder which we hope will allow us all to achieve the Discover & Explore Art Award.

Our topic on Sound went well, culminating in a relatively tuneful musical afternoon where we played the musical instruments that we had made ourselves.  We had the full range of instruments from unturned to tuned. Some could be played to vary the pitch.  All could be played quietly or LOUDLY!

We also made our own telephones and tested them out. We even tried to make a whole class version!

Our class have been swimming every week.  Everyone has improved their skills; Ruby overcame her fear of water and even ventured into the DEEP end!  We already have some strong contenders for our next swimming gala.

Reading has also been a strong focus in class this term and we are busy gathering ideas for ‘great Summer reads’. Many of us have been choosing books from the National Literacy Young Reader’s recommended reads:

Here are some of our Haiku poems, inspired by our work on Nature:

Beautiful flowers
Flowing in the gentle wind
Making me relaxed.
Millipedes crawling
Underneath the dirty rocks
Searching for their prey.
Rain dropping quickly,
Mud, with footprints, all around
Horses trotting fast.
Alfie B


Week Commencing 4th May 2015

Reception, Exciting Egg Hatching!

Wow! We have had such an AMAZING time in Reception! We have had the wonderful opportunity to hatch and look after 10 little chicks. Here is our dairy of our chick ‘eggsperience’:


On Monday we eagerly awaited the arrival of our chick eggs. A man brought them in a real egg box that we see in the shops and told us how to look after them in the incubator.


Today the chicks started to move and roll about inside the incubator! We watched very closely at the eggs, we counted 2 eggs that had started to crack!


Good News! 5 eggs have hatched overnight! At first the chicks look all slimy and wet but after a few hours their fur starts to dry and fluff up. We didn’t need to feed the chicks at this point because you have to wait 24hours before they can move into their home in the brooder box. Throughout the day the rest of the chicks hatched! We couldn’t get any work done because we sat and watched chicks hatch all day!


Yay! We are allowed to hold the chicks and move them into their brooder box home! At first the chicks were scared so we held them gently and stroked their fur softly so they knew we wouldn’t hurt them. Well done to all of the children in the Foundation Stage, you were all very brave and grown up when we first held the chicks at school.


Today we played with the chicks and let them run around the classroom, their favourite food is bread and rice. We giggled as they started arguing and snatching the bread of each other! Some of the Reception children took the children to the main school to let the big children see and hold the chicks. As we are now ‘Chick Experts’ we were able to demonstrate how to hold and pick up the baby chicks safely and we answered lots of questions. Here are some of the questions:

“How many chicks have you got?” James answered: “We have 10 chicks. 5 eggs hatched over night and then the other 5 hatched”

“How do you know if they are a boy or a girl?” Kian answered: “The yellow ones are boys and the brown ones are girls”

“What do they eat?” Poppy explained “They eat the chick food. When they were just born they didn’t know what was food so some of them ate the poo! Bread is their favourite food”

“Where do they go after they have been here a while?” Amelia said: “Back to their mummies at the farm”.


Week Commencing 27th April 2015

Year 3, Summer Of Sport 2015

Class 3 have made a fantastic start to the Summer Festival of Sport!

In our usual Monday PE lessons, the children have enjoyed learning and refining different throwing and catching techniques. We will continue to explore different skills and apply these skills in a variety of exciting striking and fielding games!

This half term the children have also been receiving an additional session of Dance with an instructor from Tameside Sports Trust. In these sessions, the children have been exploring a combination of street dance and cultural dance (Bollywood). The children are beginning to improvise and create their own routines, using the counts of 8 which they have been learning about! It has been fantastic to see what they can do and to see them enjoying this extra session of physical activity.

On top of this, the children have begun their swimming lessons at Copley Leisure centre. They have made a SPLASHING start and have demonstrated exceptional behaviour representing St. Raphael’s in the community! Miss Wilson is extremely proud!

In addition, we are soon to begin our cricket sessions at Stayley Cricket Club which the children and staff are very much looking forward to! We are certain that the children will enjoy this experience and hope that many look to continue participating at the club! Along with sports day, special sports guests, football roadshow (courtesy of MCFC) and a summer ramble, I am certain that all of the children will thoroughly enjoy St Raphael’s Summer Festival of Sport! Class 3 are loving it already…..

Millie, aged 8, School Councillor:  “I am looking forward to the sport festival sooooooooo soooooooo so much! My favourite thing so far is dance because it is my second favourite thing to do. Also, I can’t wait for the summer ramble because I get to see all of the gorgeous things up on the hills.”

Keano, aged 7, School Councillor : “My favourite sport up to now is swimming but I am also really looking forward to cricket. I’m desperately waiting for Manchester City to come in to school because that is the team that I support. Also, I can’t wait  for the summer ramble because I can see the beautiful, blue lake.”

Lillia, aged 8: “I am extremely excited about the Summer Festival of sport. I’m most excited about the cricket because it’s full of running, batting and catching which are all my favourite things. Also, fresh air is important for your body. The summer ramble, which is a long walk around the hills, sounds excellent too! So far, I’m loving swimming lessons, which we do on a Tuesday afternoon, because it is great exercise. I hope we do this every single year!”

Rhys, aged 8: “I love the summer festival of sport and my favourite part is swimming. I’m really looking forward to the summer ramble and football with Manchester City because I can see how fast I can kick the ball and see if I’m as good as Aguero!”

Week Commencing 20th April 2015

Sports Captains

This year we are organising a summer festival of sport. Recently, we have received news from the referee Jon Moss who will be refereeing the FA cup final. We wrote to him to see if he would like to visit and he has agreed. Hopefully, he will referee one of our matches.

As you all know the summer festival of sport is coming up and there will be many sports including: dance -everyone; cricket at the Staley cricket club -KS2; gymnastics for KS1 ; and swimming – everyone.

Recently, the football club have had a tournament at Bower Fold ;sadly they lost the finals. However, they still got an amazing second place!

We hope you are impressed with all the football players. They have received great results and you should be proud of them. Furthermore, we hope you are impressed with all the work we have achieved. Let us know if you have any ideas.

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